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What is an isochrone?
Isochrones show areas that can be reached within the same travel time. In this map you can select a starting point and then see how each of the transit network concepts changes your ability to reach different parts of the city in 15 minutes or less, 16 to 30 minutes, 31 to 45 minutes, and 46 to 60 minutes.

Travel times shown are for service provided during the mid-day on a typical Wednesday. Travel times and service frequencies vary during peak hours and evenings.

Commuter express routes are not shown for each concept. Not every segment of every route is shown. For example, some one-way loops at the end of a route are not shown completely.

Please refer to the concept maps here for all route details:

Transit Network Concepts and Travel Time





Discover Your Access

Use this interactive tool to see how each of the Transit Network Concepts affects your access to the city.

Put in an address or use the “Click a Place” tool to calculate travel times and see how each concept affects transit access from your home, your work, your grocery store or anywhere you want to go.

For background on the concepts see